Yarrawonga - BIG Kev

Yarrawonga | BIG Kev the Dinosaur
Meet BIG Kev!

He's not a real BIG Thing! He's a Roadside Attraction whose not only the very first roadside item I ever took a selfie with but has a very interesting history as well. I always thought the Public Purse in Melbourne was my first, I'm a little surprised to find I'd visited something while on holiday in the Northern Territory visiting then romantic flame; Mathew. (we're engaged now)

So BIG Kev lived in the yard of 'Get Stoned' a garden / masonry business who sold his business sometime around 2017 to Bunnings. Get Stoned moved locations and BIG Kev hung out in the facilities yard until Bunnings could make a decision on what to do with him. Bunnings did promise, after a huge outcry from the public, that everything would be done to keep him.

It was about this time Mathew and I moved from the Northern Territory to NSW and after we moved I'd heard BIG Kev had been dissembled and packed away into storage

The Store relocated and REJOICE!!! BIG Kev, despite being moved, was re-assembled and placed back on display at the new Bunnings. Bunnings has two 'BIG things now'
Ballina - BIG Prawn, QLD  and now Kev in the NT.. I'm sensing a trend here!!

Yarrawonga | BIG Kev the DinosaurYarrawonga | BIG Kev the DinosaurYarrawonga - BIG Kev the Dinosaur

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