Burt Plain | Tropic of Capricorn

Burt Plain | Tropic of Capricorn Monument
Burt Plain | Tropic of Capricorn Monument
Burt Plain
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There's nothing overly exciting about the Tropic of Capricorn except this fact unless you're into really nerdy facts.

Needless to say it excited me.

It's one of five lateral circles of latitude around the Earth that help humans with maps and co-ordinates. Wikipedia tells me the Tropic of Capricorn moves 15 meters per year 

If you're curious about the 15 meter move every year, so am I.
I will google it further later but it's something about the Earths alignment with the orbit of the sun.

They do say the Earth is tilting every year but I didn't think it would cause a 15m difference.

They talk a great deal about climate change and why our polar icecaps are melting faster. I've been wondering lately if the annual 15m shift is changing weather patterns in certain areas. 

The word 'Tropic' is Greek and boils down to mean 'to turn' or change direction and refers to the appearance of the sun turning back at the solstices.

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