Lee Point | Aly De Groot


Darwin Public Art | 'Shorebirds' by Aly De Groot
Aly De Groot

This is the only photo that remains of these awesome sculptures. Half way around my Western Australia 2018 BIG Thing road trip my phone overheated and gave me the blue screen of death. It had to be wiped and I lost a great deal of photos. 

I also got drunk and a fair few times and tried to sort photos and albums which resulted in a lot being deleted. 

I found these sculptures waiting for Thrill Junkie Maty to finish his skydive. His 30th Birthday present! I snapped a few photos of these guys and really wish I could find the rest.

Commission in 2016 by the Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife. 5 Shorebirds were created by Aly De Groot for the Lee Point BBQ & Picnic area.

📍 Lee Point, Darwin