Jabiru | BIG Crocodile Shaped Hotel

Crocodile Shaped Hotel | Mecure Jabiru

Crocodile Shaped Hotel | Mecure Jabiru
The Mecure Hotel suprisingly blended really well into the surroundings. We Drove right around the block before it finally clicked and I saw the crocodile in the structures design.

Now I'm shattered that I didn't have a drone at the time. The birds eye view is really what makes this structure magical so for us muggle types we had to settle for land pics.

I was really impressed by Mecures Hotel, It was built in 1988 and was designed to look like the areas most famous inhabitants, the saltwater croc

The hotel is now heritage listed, boasts a modest 110 rooms and is nestled in the perfect location for any adventurer to explore the area

Crocodile Shaped Hotel | Mecure JabiruCrocodile Shaped Hotel | Mecure Jabiru

📍 Mecure Hotel, Jabiru