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Durack Public Art | Geoff-Todd

Durack Public Art | Geoff-Todd
Geoff Todd

The Sculpture is titled 'Peace' and was installed in 1996.
Some art enthusiasts may refer to this as the 'BIG Babies Head' but for the sake of this blog I'll be listing it as Public Art.

I spend a lot of time researching sculptures to add to my roadside attraction map since I began my art journey back in 2017 and I discovered this sculpture in the gallery of fellow art lover @dashranasinghe 
I didnt know where it was. I asked every customer at work and one night I was out with a mate having dinner and I asked him about it. He had a long think and told me it was on the outskirts of the Golf Course so like an obsessed crazy person I took to Google Maps and searched every street until I found it

Plark reads as follows:
"The head of a sleeping child represents a tranquility which is necessary and possible in life. Visual tension caused by the suspended arm and shoulder represents a fine balance and reminds us how easily peace can be disrupted.
Please, sit, muse and contemplate the lakes and park or enjoy a peaceful walk around Fairway Waters"

Hayes Ct, Durack NT