CBD (Docklands) - Killer Whale

72 BIG Fish from the 2006 Commonwealth Games | Killer WhaleKiller Whale one of 72 BIG Fish of Victoria from the 2006 Commonwealth Games

One of seventy-two large aquatic sea creatures created by MotherWorks for the opening ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. 

For every country that competed in the Games an aquatic sea creature, native to that country was created and floated across 36 barges down the Yarra River in an amazing sound and light display

After the Commonwealth Games concluded 62 of the sculptures were offered to councils through out Victoria to boost tourism. Many of the sculptures found permanent homes and sadly, since the sculptures weren't designed for the outdoor elements, between the Yarra River and councils placing them outdoors, many sculptures perished.

The Killer Whale is on the same wall as the Sperm Whale  at the Degani World Trade Centre in Melbourne but I'd like to keep the posts sperate for a physical post count. Located on Lvl 2 the Killer Whale is native to the Falkland Islands.