Fish Creek - BIG Dead Fish


BIG Dead Fish in Fish Creek

I arrived in Fish Creek rather late in the evening and slept in my car as I so often do on public art road trips. That night was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps I had ever had. Despite taking a pillow & blanket it was in the minus degree's. So damn cold. 

The BIG Dead fish was created by Colin Suggett in 1989. This wasn't the first time I had been to Fish Creek to visit this sculpture. I got pretty unlucky with my first visit where the fish had been taken down for maintenance and I wasn't able to get back to this area for a good 6 months. Ecstatic he was present the second time and able to also snag the other two sculptures Fish Creek had for me after a little more research. Be sure to check the Fish Creek tag if you're planning a drive that direction

BIG Dead Fish in Fish CreekBIG Dead Fish in Fish Creek