Minyip | BIG Seeds

Minyip BIG Seeds by Grant Finck
Grant Finck

The Minyip BIG Seeds are yet another sculpture created by Grant Finck. For those unfamiliar with his name Mr Finck created the trio of dog sculptures found in Warracknabeal.

The sculpture is a rather large display located on the roundabout in central Minyip. It consists of three installments which appears to be wheat through out its various cycles. Sculpture one depicts a farmer sowing the wheat. The farmer was based on the likeness of Winchelsea farmer Peter McGregor while the second and third sculptures show the wheat sprouting and in full growth.

The sculpture was installed in January 2017 when the roundabout received a significant upgrade. 

Minyip BIG Seeds by Grant FinckMinyip BIG Seeds by Grant Finck

📍Crn: Church & Main Street, Minyip