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BIG Rubbish Bin in Kaloorie

The ABC reports they harassed the local history officer for information regarding it's claim to fame; The BIG Rubbish Bin.

Kalgoorie archives claim the BIG Bin was built to compliment a Tidy Town competition running at the time and was a visual reminder for visitors to take their rubbish with them in an effort to avoid having the town littered.

The title ‘Worlds Tallest Bin’ was added after the sculpture was commissioned with the idea and bid to enter the giant bin to the Guinness World Records but unfortunately to this day no mention of the bin has ever been recorded by GWR.

Today the BIG Bin isn’t the most popular item on the BIG Thing Bucket List and stands vastly out shadowed by it’s more popular counterparts.

It could be that it's extra tackiness doesn't resonate with travelers or perhaps the 4 hour return detour just for the sake of one attraction just doesn't warrant the drive.

It's worth a stop though. I do recommend the drive!

BIG Rubbish Bin in KaloorieBIG Rubbish Bin in KaloorieBIG Rubbish Bin in Kaloorie

📍 Crn Hannan St & Outridge Terrace, Kalgoorlie

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