Nornalup - Valley of the Giants (Tree Top Walk)

Valley of the Giants | Noralup Tree Top WalkValley of the Giants | Noralup Tree Top Walk
Valley of the Giants | Noralup Tree Top Walk
Valley of the Giants

I took HEAPS of photos here and not just of myself but as I came out of the parking lot after indulging at the gift shop I dropped my phone trying to juggle too many items.

After having my phone repaired a day or two before something started happening that I can only describe as a slow decline of pixel doom.

Every time my phone went idle and the screen locked I'd unlock it to find more of the screen dominated by broken pixels. By the end of the day there was no screen to see and I was left needing to buy a new phone.

I managed to save all the photos by transferring to my laptop and felt grateful I didn't loose a few days worth of photos like I had the few days before but am a little miffed that in between that trip and building this blog I'd obviously chosen to delete a lot of content.

The tree top wasn't long, it wasn't overly impressive to me either.  I really enjoyed the normal nature walk more than the suspended bridge walk. 

While it's a great experience walking among the tree's you don't get the best sense of scale or appreciation for how big and majestic these tree's really are unless you're on the ground next to them looking up.