Holbrook - Submarine

Holbrook I HMAS OTWAY Submarine
One does not pass through Holbrook and NOT visit the HMAS OTWAY submarine. I'd never seen a submarine before and I really did believe it'd be bigger. Granted this is just the top component but I don't see it being all that much...  taller for lack of a better word.

Regardless! I never went inside the sub but if you're reading this. You should or I hope you did.
I saw people climbing on it and photos of the inside so I imagine you can climb inside and poke around. It's still very much on my bucket list.

One day! 

Holbrook I HMAS OTWAY SubmarineHolbrook I HMAS OTWAY SubmarineHolbrook I HMAS OTWAY Submarine

📍 Greater Hume Shire Visitor Information Centre and Holbrook Submarine Museum