Marulan - BIG Pavalova


Marulan and it's BIG Pavlova

Ever shown up to a place and wondered 'Where is it?' When they said BIG Pavlova I wasn't expecting this decrepit, poorly painted and frankly questionable color bond dodecagon. I was expecting, even for a long closed business, something a bit more well kept.

Never-the-less, meet the BIG Pavlova. Back in the day it was quite the eye opener (In a good way) but time and neglect has not been it's friend. Another lost treasure located near the towns round-a-bout  near the corner of George & Portland

While you're in Marulan, don't forget to check out Matthew Thomspon's mural! 


  1. So sad its dilapidated I hope it will get back to its glory days.


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