Forest Hill - BIG Murray Cod

Wagga Wagga | BIG Murray Cod

This is one of the most deceptive 'BIG Things' I've ever come across. I'm going to go back for better photos one day, as I neglected to get any other angles, to really highlight why this GIANT fish is really a GIANT FAKE!

Despite the incredibly paint job making this Murray Cod appear 3D it's actually a 2D cutout. I'm not saying it's not worth a stop and a selfie because it really is but it's NOT a BIG Thing of Australia.

The community has pegged this 'Giant Murray Cod' in Forest Hill but the physical address is zoned Wagga Wagga. I was confused how to label this item as everyone would be searching for the Cod in Forest Hill and here I'd be the only Joker calling it the Wagga Wagga BIG Murray Cod.

To make it extra hard the council has had a bigger laugh by zoning the next few business's, less than a 1 min drive and closer to Wagga Wagga than the Murray Cod Hatcheries 'Gumly Gumly'

*Slow Clap*  I've decided to honor popular opinion here and keep the fish as Forest Hill, it'll get rezoned eventually 

📍 Murray Cod Hatcheries, Forest Hill  Wagga Wagga