Albury - All Music! All Murals!

Albury Street Art | Kade Sarte

Chances are, if you've been to Albury to hunt Street Art, these murals are at the top of your list of things to visit.

You may even have a few other murals on your list but I guarantee you've barely scratched the surface of Albury.

Did you know Albury is home to over 20 different mural sites? And No, this post doesn't count as 3 sites. It's one site with three murals! Check out my Albury Art Guide

Commissioned by 'All Music' Albury's local music store Kade Sarte created three portraits; Ray Charles, Pink and Slash

Albury Street Art | Kade SarteAlbury Street Art | Kade Sarte

📍 National Bank Ln, Albury