Canberra CBD - Time Thief

Robin Blau 'Time Thief' in New Acton Canberra

If you're talented with a camera you'll notice and be able to capture this sculpture with its blazing blue eyes. I didn't notice it but I went during the middle of the day and it's likely a night time feature.

Titled ''Time Thief'' by Robin Blau it was created in 2011 and not only makes for one heck of a photograph but really builds an amazing atmosphere in the New Acton precinct.

Time Thief depicts a crow stealing time. It's a lovely metaphor and something I feel we can all relate too. Esp if you're a blogger or a social media addict :P 

Time Thief is found in Kendall Ln along with Blau's ''Bowerbird'' and Tim Kyles 'Saltibanque' & 'Modern Man' sculptures

Robin Blau 'Time Thief' in New Acton CanberraRobin Blau 'Time Thief' in New Acton Canberra