Werribee - Unknown Artist

Street Art in Werribee
I can't tell if I imagined a tag on this wall. I thought I saw a tag once and thought, oh yes, that is definitely their work and yet none of my photos show a tag, no other street art enthusiast has listed the author and I haven't found any online information on it. 

So if by chance you come across this page and know who the author is, please leave me a comment. It's beautiful and I'd love to know.

Street Art in WerribeeStreet Art in WerribeeStreet Art in Werribee


  1. I recently saw this too I tired looking for the artist but had no luck, I think it might be the same artist that did the one in the underpass at Sunshine near the station. There was a tag on that one saying by Meti, Dino, Jaz and A.J.

  2. Sorry to comment again I found out the artist for this mural is Dash 88, I had on instagram wrongly tagged it as by Sebastian Fransz but he than messaged me that the artwork was by Dash 88 who he worked on the Sunshine underpass mural with https://www.sebastianfransz.com/underpass hope this helps


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