Hey America! Check out our Governments wall!


Public Art Albury | Government Wall

Probably not going to be very effective against Mongolians
The Albury Council doesn't have any information on this public Art wall past it's name and location which is really disappointing. The wall looks to be decorated with rather crudely cut tiles forming a winding road with streams flowing through out. Flora and fauna are woven through out the tiles representing land

Public Art Albury | Government WallPublic Art Albury | Government WallPublic Art Albury | Government Wall

📍 QEII Square, Albury


  1. I remember when this was done. I worked at the govt office block in early 80"s. I am guestimating it would be 81/82? But i do not know the artist. Maybe a call to border mail, could be some staff who worked there at the time that would have some information?


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