Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

If you've never walked the Yindyamarra Sculpture walk or asked yourself whether you should, 
The answer is Yes, you need to! and Yes you should!

The first sculpture you'll come across is 'Reconciliation Shield' by Tamara Murray followed by 'Wiradjuri Woman' by Leonie McIntosh


The walk is around 1.5kms, gravel and dirt paths but reasonably flat and accessible and consists of around 10 sculptures evenly spaced out to not become a bore.

The next sculpture you'll come across was made by students from the James Fallon Highschool.
Liam Campbell ▪ Sara Jackson-Edwards ▪ Raymond Jackson-Edwards ▪ Jaidyn Hampton

With 'Googar' by Darren Wighton in succession

It's true, there are frequent snake sightings. I saw a red belly on my last walk but give our slithering friends a wide berth and you'll be fine.

Following the trail you'll come across 'Vertical Message Sticks' by Carmel Taylor and 'Goanna' by  Kianna Edwards

If you're into Geocaching this trail is made extra fun with 5-6 child friendly caches to find.

When you get to the sculpture of the tree you've reached the half way mark. My pictures are somewhat jumbled from here so they may not be in order. This tree sends you on a loop around the lake bringing you back to the trail you're currently on for you to return to your car if you started from that direction. 

I unfortunately didn't take a photo of the tree's plaque but it was my favorite from the walk.

'Maya Fish Trap' by Ken Murray, Darren Wighton & Andom Rendell. Maya Fish Trap was photographed in 2020 and used in that years NBN box wrap Albury project. You can find the colorful wrap outside the Centrelink building.

Despite walking the entire length of the walk I missed the very last sculpture so my walk finished with Katrina Western's 'The Bigger Picture'