Ballarat | Umbrella Lane

Umbrella Lane is Ballarat's most well known street art hubs.
It's here you'll find murals by Travis Price, Bacondrum and a decorative wall by an artist still unknown to me

Ballarat Street Art

Walking into Umbrella Lane you'll be met with a decorated wall featuring a blindfolded person holding a stick. It struck me as someone about to strike a piƱata. I never discovered the artist of this artwork and I don't recognize the tag. 

Ballarat Street Art | Travis Price

Travis Price

Further into the lane your eyes will feast on 'The Hop Queen' It's interesting to note when I type in Hop Temple Google Maps pins this one lane over. I've even noted people tagging Police Ln on Instagram which made me recheck my map and according to Google Maps these murals are actually in Umbrella Lane, so be wary. This lane appears as a placemark but the lane itself is unnamed. 

Ballarat Street Art | BaconDrum


Tucked around the back of Zambrero's you discover Bacondrums Hop Square mural. His work reminds me of Sindy Sin and makes for a fantastic back drop to the eating area. Bacon has a few artworks in Ballarat including Paste Ups and a carpark on Mair St