Delacombe | Cax_One

 If you've been to Ballarat already you'll already be familiar with work from  @Cax_One

Delacombe Street Art | Cax One
I really enjoyed the artists words on this artwork. Cax stated his 'skater girl' was a progression artwork fueled by a phone call by the local rag wanting to interview him. So after grabbing some cans and being supplied a wall he painted this beauty to feature in a two page lift out for said magazine.

BUT WAIT... there's more!

Delacombe Street Art | Cax One

I turned on the filter a little for this one and it's still a shadow of it's former glory. If you've seen the artists original photo I either suck at editing (I do) or its faded quite significantly. To be fair the wall is extremly exposed and likely cops full sun all day.

The mural was a tribute to Cax's air bubble loving sneaker buddy who passed away and his favorite snack, hence the color scheme.

Delacombe Street Art | Cax One

Delacombe Street Art | Cax One
Lastly comes a series of faces designed by Cax in his signature 'here's a face, I'm going to give it a weird expression'

You're going to find this signature all over Ballarat and if you're lucky you would have seen his mural in Hozier just before Xmas 2020.

I complained to the artist about being in Sydney and likely not being able to see it but really wanting to. Somehow we ended up in Melbourne for Xmas and I managed a daytrip to the CBD where I was fortunate to photograph it

📍 Icon Drive, Delacombe