Ballarat | Anastasia! She's Sweet & Ferny!

Ballarat | Cax One

Cax and Sweet Fern ran a competition to name this 2018 creation and some fella name Ben won with the name of Anastasia. I've seen a lot of photo's of Anastasia with the gate obscuring the mural. The gate is lockable in its open position. The gate was wide open with I rocked up, I simply swung the gate closed, took my photo then put the gate back the way I found it. 

Ballarat Street Art | Cax One

If you find this mural through my blog, be brave and move the gate, You will regret not taking the chance and any car whose going fast enough to not slow down and hits it in the time it takes you to snap a few quick photos deserves the damage the gate inflicts. It's a pretty quiet driveway though, No cars were harmed in the process of taking this photo but I would suggest going during trading hours in case they lock the gate end of trade.

📍 Sweetfern, Ballarat