Canberra CBD - Kerry Simpson

Canberra Public Art | Kerry Simpson

I loved the story behind this sculpture. So the sculpture is called 'Illumicube' by Kerry Simpson (1988) and like the name suggests it illuminates. Now back in the day when it was a fresh install it was touch and sound activate. Clap your hands and the glass panels would illuminate. Honk your horn and it does the same thing and honk motorists did. Complaints were made and the sound activation was switched off.

When I went it was day time and I completely forgot to touch the cube (not that I likely would have seen any illumination) I did have a friend hit Canberra at night to photograph this beauty and even he said it wasn't working so I guess I didn't miss much

Canberra Public Art | Kerry SimpsonCanberra Public Art | Kerry Simpson

📍 Ainslie Ave, Canberra