Parkes | Thanakupi (Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher)

Canberra Public Art | Thanakupi (Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher)

Thanakupi (Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher)
''Kwi'ith, Man and Woman Yam'' 

This is one of seventeen sculptures found within 'Reconciliation Place' 
Reconciling Place was established in 2000 as a symbol of the Governments ongoing reconciliation commitment.  

Thankakupi constructed two yams representative of a man and a woman. One tall and slender and the other short and cheeky. Etched into the design are divots encouraging observers to physically explore the sculptures.

I was amused by the shadows of this sculpture and noted that despite the two very different types of bodies Thanakupi designed they were both the same length and width as shadows. I'm unsure if this was a design feature but I enjoyed the overall message that despite appearances we are essentially all the same despite looking different.

I'm even more amused to recall touching the sculptures as I was intrigued by the divots. 

Canberra Public Art | Thanakupi (Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher)Canberra Public Art | Thanakupi (Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher)

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