Canberra CBD - Free Zone 28


Canberra Street art | Mural by Phibs & George Rose

Phibs & George Rose

The Grafitti Free Zone lists this as Braddon but since it's on the same block as the shopping centre I'll list this as the CBD. Braddon begins on the other side of the road. There's a name plate on Google Maps for the skate park there but it' not accurate. Life of a nerdy mapper : P

I took all three photos on the 30-07-2020 and as it's a free zone and anyone can contribute to these walls I expect the next time I visit Peque and Dally will have been replaced. Will find out next visit :)

Canberra Street art | Mural by PequeCanberra Street art | Mural by Dallas Clark

Peque                                                                                 Dally
2019                                                                                    2019

📍 (Skate Park) Crn Petrie & Cooyong St, Canberra