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Jindabyne Street Art | Mike Shankster

Mike Shankster

Skate parks are normally always filled with graffiti. Jindabyne is a huge tourist town When I blew through the free camp parking lot was chocca's with back packers to the point of my car being scratched by someone opening their car door. To be fair I parked too close to the next car and since I have an old 4x4 I wasn't too fussed.

I had to visit this place twice for a photo. I arrived on dusk and the skate park was still booming. I woke up at 6am and there was already two people at the park. I can only assume as a means to warm up as everything was covered in ice when I work up.

Jindabyne Street Art | Mike ShanksterJindabyne Street Art | Mike ShanksterJindabyne Street Art | Mike Shankster

📍 Jindabyne Skate Park