Braddon - Unknown

 Unknown Artist

This mural is on the side of the Lonsdale Street Cafe but according to Google Pink Ink lives at that location. Either way this mural is located at 23 Lonsdale St, Braddon


  1. Nice find :) Welcome and thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

    1. Thanks Sami. Loving the blogging. Any Aussie Street art accounts you could recommend. Other than going through other bloggers comment list I havent quite figured out how to connect with other bloggers yet.

  2. I'll join Sami in welcoming you to Monday Murals, but I can't recommend any murals, since I live across a very big pond and a date line, too!! This is a unique mural. I found one recently that had a bunch of trash containers (we're not big on recycling, but have lots of trash containers) sitting in front of it. Thanks for sharing this and I hope we see you at Monday Murals again.


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