Welcome to Western Australia


My posting of this blog may be a little all over the place. I'll be uploading which ever state takes my fancy on a blogging night via photo date unless someone leaves me a comment to post a certain area for them. 

My names Megan. I'm a military wife and while my partner spent 8 weeks in Timor I snuck in a sneaky road trip 
It was an extremely quick trip! I was driving from dawn to dusk stopping only at address's pinned to my BIG Thing Art Map, See my maps section. 

I arrived in Western Australia 22/08/2018
South Australia 18/09/2018
Victoria 28/08/2018
Northern Territory 09/10/2018
and took my last photo for the trip in Daly Waters on the 15/10/2018 after spending 3 days at Uluru

I regret not having a stronger interest in Street Art at the time and missed most of the Silo Art Trail. I lost all of my phone data upon reaching Two Rocks so the only photos I have from WA sadly are mostly what I recovered from Cloud at the time and even had to return a day up the road to retake photos of sculptures that Cloud had to delete due to lack of storage room.