Bondi | Unknown Artist

Bondi Street Art

I never found out who made this. I'm also not sure if I'm on the mark here or I just googled my way down a coincidental rabbit hole but there was a movie called 'Point Break' starring Patrick Swayze who played a character named Bodhi. It was a movie about an undercover cop posing as a surfer to infiltrate a surfing group who were though to have robbed a bank.

I have no idea on the significance to this mural. Patrick Swayze died on the 14th Sept, 2009. 
The company hosting this wall took to Instagram and posted this exact mural but in poster form on  15th of Oct and a year and two days later (2018) the wall was painted. Maybe they got the month wrong... maybe it's completely unrelated. 

Doesnt matter now because in 2020 the wall was painted over by another artist. I wont divulge who, as that too may be painted over by the time you read this, but the last mural had a 2 year life.

📍 Crn: Boonara Ave & Bondi Rd, Bondi