Manly - Brentos

I went to Manly with another adventurer which was a really fun experience. We created a map and pinned the things we'd each like to see. This was one of Differentville's pins and admittedly I likely never would have found this one.

It begins with a seemingly inconspicuous door. The kind that appears to be for maintenance people but it's actually a really long hallway allowing the general public easier access to the carpark located at the back of the shopping district.

Manly had the initiate to paint the indoor corridor to brighten the walls. Apparently the blank gray walls and the long corridor made the passage between carpark and shopping area an uncomfortable walk.
Since painting the corridor it's apparently changed the perception of the passage and I have to say walking the corridor was delightful. 

I too would have felt uneasy walking that corridor at night. It's quite narrow and should you have on coming foot traffic.. well lets just say it's the kind of situation that makes one walk  a little faster to get to the other door

I found myself taking my time walking through the corridor. Such a warmer and bright space in a rather inconspicuous place

Art by Brentos

Manly Street Art by BrentosManly Street Art by BrentosManly Street Art by Brentos

Manly Street Art by BrentosManly Street Art by Brentos

📍 14 Sydney Rd, Manly