Warwick Farm and its Harbor Bridge

Sometimes we visit a BIG Thing and never really ask ourselves where it comes from.
We just visit, snap a photo and appreciate what it is.

Curiosity always gets the better of me.
I enjoy learning about what I visit and finding the who's, the what's and more importantly, the why's.

The iconic Harbor Bridge  at Warwick Farm

Wikipedia tells me the Mini Harbor Bridge located in Warwick Farm was constructed in 1987. (My Birth year) 55 years after the opening of the Sydney Harbor Bridge itself. 

It was constructed by the apprentices of the Royal Australian Navy and assembled on field during the 1987 Manly Vs. Canberra NRL grand final game as part of the on field entertainment.

I was lucky in finding a youtube clip where it features the snippet of the game where it briefly features the on game construction of the bridge. Enjoy the video.

If you watch closely you can make out banners promoting icons from other states

It was this game Peter Warren, the owner of Peter Warren Automotive, saw Sydney's tribute ''The Mini Harbor Bridge'' and decided he wanted that bridge and he wanted it displayed at the entrance to his large car empire.

I'm unsure how long it took Peter Warren to install this amazing tribute but it took 8 years to build the real Sydney Harbor Bridge.