Barellan - BIG Tennis Racquet

BIG Tennis Racquet in Barellan

So guess who once had a ratty old Dunlop tennis racquet?

I'm sure I'll cop some flack for that eventually but the answers Evonne Goolagon C
I have no idea who that is. I know absolutely zip about tennis other than how to take a decent selfie with yours truly here, and wowser, aren't I a stunner!

Enough about me, lets talk BIG Thing!

Council website states we have 
David Irvin to thank for our magnificent tennis racquet.
 It was made in 2009 to be twenty times the scale to Evonne Goolagong Cawley's signature tennis ball paddle and was made to celebrate 100 years of Bareallan.

The Barellan tennis racquet is 
13.8 meters in length
and you can find it in front of 74-76 Yapunyah St, Barellan

 Evonne Goolagon Cawley is an Indigenous born tennis player born in Griffith in 1951 but grew up in Barellan 

BIG Tennis Racquet in BarellanBIG Tennis Racquet in BarellanBIG Tennis Racquet in Barellan