The BIG Pears in Canberra


BIG Pears in Canberra I Australian BIG Things

'Pear - Version Number 2'  by George Baldessin

They've moved location! Most older photos will have this amazing sculpture photographed in front of the Galleries doors and if you're like me your heart will drop as you face the grim thought of perhaps it was moved along.

I had a hard time digesting the National Art Gallery would relocate a sculpture they've had on premise since 1973 and walked around the building for good measure.

Lucky I did!

Nestled in a court yard completely obscured by trees was my art conquest for the afternoon. There was a class of school children where the sculpture use to be positioned and since that sculpture was being poked and climbed on I completely understand why Baldessin's sculpture was relocated to an obscure place. Taking a few selfies with the pears I wasn't suppose to touch I did note they flexed when leaned on.

I was really surprised to learn George constructed these Pears in Moorrabbin, Melbourne

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