Albury - SIRHC

Here's a sneak peak at SIRHC's mural in Albury's CBD

You're all going to think me a little silly but I've visited this artists murals in both Benalla and Wangaratta now and it's taken until now, and someone pointing it out, to realize SIRHC is Chris spelt backwards

Albury Street Art | SIRHC

 Anyway, this is sneak peak at Chris's wall. You'll discover it behind Kathmandu. I'll update this post with the completed mural and push the date up.

26-02-2020 Update

I did the rounds of the murals today and took a progress shot.. It's been 5 days since my last photo

Albury Street Art | SIRHC

Update (09-03-2021)

Albury Street Art | SIRHC

This is the completed mural by artist SIRHC. Between shadows and cars it's not the best picture I shall return on the weekend to snag a car free photo