Dickson - Bohie & FaithSprays


Canberra Street Art | Dickson mural by FaithSprays & Bohie

FaithSprays & Bohie
'In Our Hands' 2021

I feel like a veteran explorer now. Last I stood in front of this wall I was starring at a mural of a fridge with a posted note with the question written on it ''Will you Marry Me'' Now two years later I get a brand new mural. 

It's hard to think I've been living in NSW now for almost 2 years. This is my third trip to Canberra but it's probably my biggest list yet. 

📍 Mozzarella And Co.


  1. This is super cute, I never knew that the Canberra area had so many cool public artwork. Dickson looks nice place too.


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