Albury - Kirrily Anderson


Albury Street Art | Kirrily Anderson

I believe this may be Kirrilly Anderson's first Albury mural. If you're local you may recognize 2 of Kirrily's murals from High Street, 'Discover' & 'Vanguard' 

This is Kirrily's second UpStream Festival with Vanguard being painted in 2020 and 'Mountain Pygmy Possum' here being painted March 2021.

The Mountain Pygmy Possum is a critically endangered species here in the Alpine and sub Alpine region. Kirrily's statement explains the absence of the Bogong Moth migration the last few years may be a factor in the decline of the Possums population and I'm intrigued.

I've heard of the Bogong Moth Migration and really wanted to witness this from Canberra but every time I ask a canberrian about the event I get met with confusion. This explains a lot

📍 Townsend Veterinary Clinic