Marrickville | Brad Robson

Marrickville Street Art | Brad Robson

Admittedly I had no idea who any of these portraits were but I do enjoy learning and took to google to find who Brad Robson had immortalized upon these walls. The plaque lists the faces as Betty Grumble, Annette Kellerman, Henry Lawson & Akira Isogawa.

Upon typing that I recognize two names but in the spirit of learning here's a brief run down for anyone else who might be wondering who they are and why they've caught the attention of this artist

Betty Grumble Betty is the 'over the top' stage name for performer and strong advocate for the L.G.B.T.Q. scene, Emma Maye Gibson. She failed to make it into Drama school and took to creating her own content by performing in SS nightclubs. In 2009 by entering and winning a drag contest her alto ego was born. 

Annette Kellerman Australian born swimmer, film star, writer and apparently the first woman to wear a 1 piece bathing suit. When women were wearing pantaloons Annette Kellerman threw convention to the wind and rocked the nation back in the day by wearing what was considered 'controversial swimwear'

Henry Lawson Australian poet and writer during Australia's Colonial Period. Lawson is one of Australias most well known and successful writers.

Akira Isogawa Japanese born and Australian migrant Akira Isogawa is an amazing example of how hard work and determination achieves your dreams. Isogawa worked as a tour guide while completing fashion school and later became one of a handful of Australia's to supply fashion apparel to Paris.

Marrickville Street Art | Brad RobsonMarrickville Street Art | Brad RobsonMarrickville Street Art | Brad Robson

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