Marrickville - Famous Faces for Sale!

I enjoy a well decorated lane and this unnamed road of Faversham St & Hans Pl is wildly on a new level, even for Sydney's inner suburbs. The lane hosts an assortment of famous faces. Both celebrities and pop culture.

But who made them all you might ask! This gentleman Stuart Sale

My first impression was they were all stencils. Fairly certain half way though I thought better of that idea. Stenciling a corrugated roller door wouldn't be easy and the work looks extremely neat. I may have to go back and investigate a few more times to make a proper assumption

Such an amazing Covid project by a very talented man. 

 📍 Somewhere between Faversham St & Hans Pl 🤣


  1. Wow these are so cool I will have to make a visit to Marrickville to check them out.


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