Marulan is spot on!

Marulan Meridian Arch by Sebastian Meijbaum

Literally! At the time of this instillation Marulan was credited with being the only town in the world established on the 150 meridian line, and possibly still is!

What is the 150 meridian line?

It's that imaginary vertical line around the world stretching from the North Pole to the South Pole and determines our Longitude.
So for places like Marulan that are established on the Meridian line sunrise is exactly 6am and sunset is exactly 6pm every equinox. 

Marulan Meridian Arch by Sebastian MeijbaumMarulan Meridian Arch by Sebastian Meijbaum

This sculpture created by Sebastian Meijbaum is a tribute of the towns position. It depicts  a mosaic Earth underneath a sun (the metal framed sun rotates in the wind btw) The objects either side of Earth represent the Sundial and a clock

The sculpture was unveiled in 2003 but wasn't completed with until 2017 when the mosaic Earth was added.