Reanimate Penrith!

With how much content I visited last week and the murals I'm yet to post from Annas Bay, My roadtrip back to Albury and the festival in Albury still ongoing I'm going to roll the Allans Pl Carpark murals into one post. All murals were complete in Nov during 2020

Starting from the West side of the carpark you have Dcydes, Happy decay and a building over you can expect to see Thomas Jackson

Penrith Street Art | Dcydes

Penrith Street Art | Dcydes
We'll begin from the West side of the parking lot & work our way East.

I'm still learning how to use my camera & found this mural difficult to photograph. It was painted by Dcydes & it's quite a long mural.

Despite having a wide angled lens my pictures A: don't do the mural justice and B: unless I did a close up of the whole mural and crop the top and bottom I really wasn't pleased with the photo. Still learning!

    〰  〰

Penrith Street Art | Happy Decay

Penrith Street Art | Happy Decay
I've always been a fan of Happy Decay and was overjoyed to see his brushstrokes at Penrith. Happy Decays mural shares a building with Dcydes.

I got to Allans Pl at 8am and caught the morning sun on this wall. I'm unsure which time of day is best  to photograph this area but suspect no matter the time, one or some murals, will be cast in shadows.

This was the only carpark mural I had sun issues with and need to return for a better picture.

〰    〰  〰

Penrith Street Art | Thomas Jackson

Penrith Street Art | Thomas Jackson
Directly across from Happy Decay and on a fresh building you'll discover Thomas Jackson and his love affair with birds 

Depicted is a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo and a pair of Pardalotes. 

I would love to grab a snap without cars but you may not have that chance unless you arrive well before trading hours or well after. 

〰    〰  〰

Sharing a building canvas with Thomas Jackson is this amazing mural by Sophie Odling.

Sophie is becoming a quick favorite of mine. The work I've seen so far has always been bright, colorful and sentimental and this mural is no different.

Penrith Street Art | Sophie Odling

Depicted is a child tending to a garden with a wagon full of seedlings.

Sophie describes the mural as a child whose become a hunter and using discarded objects and repurposed them to create her own oasis. The mural holds many symbolic items such as the dragonfly representing positive change,the wagon full of precious treasures once thought of as waste and the gray clouds which were references to water 

〰    〰  〰

Penrith Street Art | Le Grizz

Penrith Street Art | Le Grizz
Le Grizz always makes me mind spin!

The mural wraps right around the corner of the building and suspect no morning to afternoon would have helped the shadows. First light or later afternoon for this mural is your best bet unless you know a giant that will block the light :P

In hind sight I should have settled with a snap of the other side of the corner as it would have been in full sun. Doh!

〰    〰  〰

Penrith Street Art | Claire Foxton

Across from Le Grizz is a wall decorated by Claire Foxton and what a wall it is!
Claire's always produced amazing work but the dappled light being filtered through by the tree's and the foliage debris create an atmosphere to accompany this nature themed mural like you wouldn't believe.

Penrith Street Art | Claire FoxtonPenrith Street Art | Claire Foxton

〰    〰  〰

Penrith Street Art | Shannon Boyd

Penrith Street Art | Shannon Boyd
Last and by no means least is this stunner by local artist; Shannon Boyd.

Shannon has a few murals in Penrith which I'm yet to visit but as I do this Penrith TAG will grow. 

Shannon's Titled his mural 'Wish from Afar' (Gotta love Dandelions) and it's just around the corner from Claire's mural

They're all relatively close together, you won't miss them!


  1. Beautiful collection of street art my fav is Shannon Boyds

    1. It's too hard to pick a favorite. Boyd wins points with his underlying message of hope and peace. His career is quite new and I love watching Boyd's skills grow. This ones quite different to his previous works


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