Goulburn | Marilyn Puschak


Goulburn Public Art | 'Three Poles' by Marilyn Puschak

Marilyn Puschak

I was never going to get a decent photo of this sculpture by Marilyn Puschak. It was on a corner with a man sitting on the bench beside it so my angle was limited.

It was later afternoon, the sun was overhead and cars were constant. I usually refuse to admit defeat and stubbornly wait until I manage a people / car free photo. This particular sculpture really tested my patience so I did the dirty and cropped the photo to exclude a car. Can't ignore that leg though 😬

The sculpture is called 'Three Poles' Three guess's as to why! two wrong answers and I'll throw that mans leg at you : P

📍 Crn: Auburn & Goldsmith St, Goulburn