Email Subscribers

I received a notification this morning from Blogger informing me as of June 2021 the 'Email Subscribe' feature would become inactive. 

This is a disappointing development but much of what I'm currently posting is typically in bulk and posted via the date on the photo rather than the date I created the post.

Example: If I created a post today for a Melbourne - Hozier Lane photo that was photographed back in Jan 2019 I would create the post with a publishing date of XX-01-2019, rather than todays date 

These posts won't appear as my latest posts but will appear in my Melbourne CBD Tag and 2019 archive.

Sometimes it may very well appear  that I've abandoned my blog as you may not see any new posts or  activity for weeks but I assure you I'm dedicated to posting everything I've visited. If you watch closely you will notice my 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 archives increase in posts despite not seeing new posts on the main page.  Posting old content will cause my TAGS to grow but unless you're looking you may not notice my activity

I want to create a blog to reflect my art journey which began in 2016 rather than reflect my commitment to posting which is typically 5-10 posts a day

I've opted to turn the Email Subscribe feature off a month early. I'm unsure if Google will allow 3rd party widgets to I suggest adding this blog to your favorites and checking back once a fortnight / Month for what I've added over the course of the period. I have so much to share and upload but much of the content will be from 2016-2019 and you won't notice this unless you visit the TAGS

On another note I've recently created a few Road Trip itineraries for anyone interested in a
Adelaide to Darwin and 
Albury to Sydney Road Trip