Street Art Cities - Canberra Hunter


Has anyone used Street Art Cities to help guide their way around a city?

I reached out to the mapping giants a few months back as I've now lived in 4 states and have sprinkles of murals and street art through out TAS, VIC NSW and the NT. After having a chat with the community leader I've since applied to become a hunter for Canberra.

Seems every time I go to Canberra my art list has grown. I went right through the #CanberraStreetArt tag on IG last night to try and prevent continuously finding things after a visit. While there's still a few I cant locate I look forward to helping build a community of shared knowledge and helping new and possibly experienced hunters plan excursions, routes and social media accounts  

I already document my art finds on a private Google MyMaps so it's not as time consuming for me to input locations as it would be for most. I am curious to know if anyone uses this resource though and whether my contribution would be helpful.

Leave me your thoughts. I've often wondered if mapping art would be more annoying for an artist than helpful and whether openly disclosing a hard to find mural would devalue the mural by having every Tom and Harry photographing it.