Haymarket | Jacob Nash

Haymarket Public Art | 'The Canopy' by Jacob Nash
Jacob Nash

I've seen photographs of 'The Canopy' by Jacob Nash all over Instagram and was convinced those were peanuts. Maybe I'm the peanut!

Jacob Nash is an Aboriginal artist who created an artwork symbolizing his connection to the night sky. He encourages all who pass underneath the Pier St bridge to stand underneath the night sky, the worlds greatest light instillation, and ponder our stories.

A nostalgic artwork Nash seeks to celebrate what is above us and will always remain above us yet wonders what the night sky would have looked like before Cpt James Cook arrived in Australia.

Haymarket Public Art | 'The Canopy' by Jacob NashHaymarket Public Art | 'The Canopy' by Jacob Nash

📍 Pier St Bridge, Darling Square


  1. oh that is very very cool! I'm a huge sucker for aquatic art.

  2. I always love looking at this when in the CBD and wondered you created it, thank you for the cool info.

  3. what materials were use to make those 'peanuts'...'sea-creatures'???


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