Newtown - Scott Marsh

The Botany Hotel is a regularly changing wall by Scott Marsh

Newtown Street Art- Scott Marsh

Another year, another #ChangeTheDate campaign.

Scott Marsh was pretty creative with this one. He's depicted Scott Morrison's face on the body of Captain James Cook as he's historically planting the British Flag in the soil of what we'd later call 'Australia' in the name of the British empire.

In the background is the Ruby Princess instead of the Endeavor which actually made me laugh.
Morrison is sporting a lei around his neck and cocktail in hand. No doubt referencing his holiday to Hawaii when the 2019 bushfires broke out. The mural brings together a few issues and failures during the Prime Ministers term

It took me awhile to understand why the general population continuously referenced Cook as the villain in Australian history. I asked a fair few supporters, very vocal, about Changing the date and when pressed was only met with silence. I always believed it was Arthur Phillip who first planted the British Flag in Australian soil, 18 years after Cook left Australia but apparently is was first done by James Cook. 

📍 The Botany View Hotel, Newtown