Arncliffe | Michael Black


Arncliffe Street Art | Michael Black

Michael Black

Today, technically yesterday, it's just past midnight now and while I really want to begin uploading these I'm pretty tired. I spent the day doing the Canal2Creek art trail. They still have a few installments to place but I was excited by my first day out and cant imagine doing that trail by foot.

I arrived in Arncliffe around 11am with Scooty Puff Jr and spent about an hour buggering around trying to find the Pedestrian Tunnel. I eventually had to ask for help (Thanks Paul) I passed that area twice and never thought once to explore that side of the street.

I found this mural on the side of a commission housing complex while trying to find the Scott Nagy mural. The colors really attracted me and while I didnt pay attention to a TAG I was able to zoom into the picture at home to see the Michael Black TAG. 

SCORE! What a gem!

📍 Eden St, Arncliffe


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