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Arncliffe Street Art

Unknown Artist

I'm always really disappointed when I come across a mural like this and can't identify the artist. It looks so fresh and well painted you'd think there would be a digital footprint on a search engine somewhere.

It took me three months to learn who did the Mount Annan mural and have no doubt as I continue to explore Sydney I'll come across the name eventually. I passed this mural three times trying to find the Pedestrian Tunnel hosting Arncliffe's most well known mural.

This structure is surrounded by a 2m high cyclone fence. Someone was kind enough to damage a section of the fence in a corner pocket which provided this pretty awesome angle. It's a really high fence and I struggled with the angle, I couldn't see the screen taking the photo so if you drive you'll have an advantage if you're able to use the height of your car to snap a sneaky photo.

If you know who the artist is, leave me a comment

📍 Arncliffe Train Station (Arncliffe St)


  1. It looks like a mixture of soccer and rugby being played?

    1. I believe so. 3 sides were painted that I could see. Next time I'm there I'll jump on that platform and check for a tag on the 4th side. Terrible at checking for tags 🤣


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