Bangor - Shannon Crees & Sindy Sin

My partner had to pick up a boat part a few kms down Menai Rd so I tagged along so I could say, "hey, can we make a quick stop on the way home" My destination was the Bangor pub. With a quick sign in and mask face slapping I snuck to the beer garden to capture these two beauties.

Shannon Crees

Bangor Street Art | Shannon Crees

Bangor Street Art | Shannon Crees
This mural extends almost half way around the beer garden but is mostly obscured by plants and seating. It makes for a nice atmosphere but I was incredibly unlucky to have the afternoon sun casting pockets of light across the only exposed section of the mural. I don't have any experience with photoshop to beautify the photos I took but hope fellow art collectors have better luck.


Bangor Street Art | Sindy Sin

There's something about Sindys style that really suits pub walls. Who knew staring at a skeleton while enjoying a cold beer would be so peaceful so it works so well. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Bangor Tavern you'll find this mural. Same beer garden as Shannon's mural but it wont be visible when you first walk in. 

📍 Bangor Tavern, Bangor


  1. I'm glad you stopped, I do that too, my partner must be over my tiki touring on our travels.

    1. LOL.. my partner went into IGA for a pastry while I snuck into the pub. He once said he's visited places he'd never usually go to following a pin on my map. He's usually pretty happy to drive anywhere to help me collect things provided it's not too much of a detour and he's not in a terrible mood. 🤣 We hit the partner jack pots!


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