Burwood - Hornsey Laneway

All three murals were apart of a beautification project aimed at upgrading the walkway behind the Burwood Library. I'm unsure when construction was completed but the entire block South of these three murals, according to Google Maps satellite imagery appears to have been completely rebuilt or heavily reconstructed.

Regardless, we get three beautiful new murals by five very well known artists. The brief required the artists to design murals with a them of Past, Present & Future.

Burwood Street Art | Murals by Karla Hayes, David Cragg & Noni Cragg

Karla Hayes, David Cragg & Noni Cragg

'Storylines' This mural depicts Kirli Saunders, a Gunai clan educator, writer and 2020 Aboriginal Woman of the Year. The mural focuses on past and present as Kirli looks almost aghast overlooking a scene of Pre-Colonial Parramatta River and what it has become

Kirli is surrounded by her traditional totems; the Hoya Flower, the Waratah and the Black Cockatoo.

Burwood Street Art | Murals by Georgia Hill

Georgia Hill

'With You' Focusing on Future Georgia has opted for a positive and uplifting message during our difficult year dealing with the Pandemic. 'With You' embodies the communal spirit of Burwood and the resilience of the community while the circular patterns create movement to the eye and bring a sense of growth and projection forward. 

Burwood Street Art | Murals by Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee

'Levitate' A rather whimsical mural by Fintan. His mural focuses on Future and consulted with the community for ideas in regards to their hopes and dreams for their futures. A child responded with wanting to live in a levitating house and this is what Fintan Magee took away from that consultation.

Of all the suggestions given to the artist, the artist went with a childs imaginative fantasies as he felt the future belongs to the children. Perhaps this child will one day invent a floating house

📍 Hornsey St Laneway, Burwood