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Sydenham Public Art | Phillips Marler

Phillips Marler

This particular artwork doesn't have a title but was built as a monument and now graces the land where the first Coptic Church of Australia once stood.

The Coptic Christians are a branch of Christianity that believe Jesus had two natures, one human and one divine and both natures coexisted united as one. This differs from the traditional Christian belief that Jesus was incarnate and was both human and divine.

Call me ignorant, but it sounds like the same thing to me. Someone will have to explain the difference one day.

Regardless, a Coptic Church was built on the Sydenham Green in 1884 until a fire 
resulted in the demolition of the structure in 2017. 

Solutions Contracting was commissioned to beautify the site and they in turn worked alongside designer Phillip Maler and Landscape Solutions to see the project come to fruition. The site was built using the original bricks from the church and the artworks center bares the colors of the Coptic faith.

Sydenham Public Art | Phillips MarlerSydenham Public Art | Phillips MarlerSydenham Public Art | Phillips Marler

📍 Sydenham Green (Park Ln, Sydenham)