Marrickville | Zachary Bennett-Brook & Kim Siew

Zachary Bennett-Brook & Kim Siew

Perfect Match / Edge commissioned Zachary Bennett-Brook & Kim Siew to freshen up the Canoe Club sitting on Cooks River in Tempe. The pair have wildly different styles, Zachery / Saltwater Dreamtime being an artist of patterns & stencil work and Kim Siew mostly working in, what I would describe as, cartoonish characters with minimal detail. 

Kim has provided a silhouette of people paddling down the river in canoes, a salute to the Canoe Club, some fish and some small embellishments acknowledging the waves while Zach has intermittently used his stencil work to create motion with his own particular style to complete the mural.

I'm honestly not a fan of this mural. I do find it interesting to see the way they've worked together but the way Zach over lapped Kims canoe man or Kim not finishing the canoe mans head tells me they either worked at different times instead of working together or didn't work together well. His swirl could have been a few inches to the right to form a head for Kims canoe man but instead the two murals didn't quite meet and produced a fragmented and segregated air to the artwork.

It would be difficult working with someone who doesn't compliment your style and as a whole the last picture is quite pleasing but there's something about this mash up of styles that just doesn't appeal to me.

The mural is titled 'Rivers Flow'


📍 River Canoe Club of NSW